Challenge Cup: Skills Competition

2017 Challenge Cup Skills Competition

We are excited to announce the return of the Challenge Cup Skills Competition for the 2017 event! The skills competition will be comprised of four events and five winners!

The events and descriptions are below:

Fastest Skater
Player skates two laps: one forward and one backward. Pivot is made between center ice and blue line after finishing one lap. Best-recorded time wins.

Hardest Shot
Speed of the player's shot (player takes two shots) on net is recorded with radar gun. Shot must hit net to count.  Fastest shot recorded wins!

Best Puck handler
Player skates through an indicated route with a puck.  Player must finish the course with the puck. Fastest recorded time wins! 

A player takes three breakaways in less than 30 seconds. Distances will vary with each age group.  Saves and goals are recorded. Goalie with most saves wins! Shooter with most goals and fastest times wins.

One player from each team can participate in one event only-NO DOUBLE ENTRY. Players must wear full equipment.


Click below to watch a video of the events:


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